Products Overview

Training and Simulation Platforms

Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Flight Simulators

Following pilot trainings can be provided on the trainer aircraft simulators:

• Getting on and off-board the aircraft
• Internal controls, controls prior to take-off and after landing
• Engine start and stop
• Instrumental and visual navigation, approach, touch and go and landing
• Taxiing procedures
• Normal and emergency procedures
• Acrobatic moves, stall, spin
• Night/day formation flight
• Simulated ammunition firing

UAV Simulator

The UAV Simulator is designed for operator and pilot, mission commanders, and image interpreters training across a range of mission profiles. The UAV simulator is designed to simulate a generic aerodynamic model integrated with sensors and camera simulations to provide mission specific or operational training. The UAV Simulator can be customized for your UAV model and visually adapted to any terrain or environment worldwide. The UAV Simulator can operate either in standalone mode, or networked with other training systems for team-based training. The system is designed for portability and transportability for deployment worldwide or setup in classroom environment.

Artillery Forward Observer Training Simulator (AFOS)

The Artillery Forward Observer Simulator (AFOS) is a computer based trainer for Forward Observers and Fire Direction Center Personnel. The AFOS trains the Observer on targeting, fire requests and management of firings across a range of training scenarios. The AFOS can simulate varied training environments, including a variety of static and moving targets, custom terrain and land views and realistic weather effects. The AFOS uses accurate ballistic physics models and integrates realistic visual cues and sound effects to create a realistic training environment. Upon completion of a training exercise, the built-in After Action Review system will allow trainees to review and evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

Virtual Firearm Simulator

Virtual Firearm Simulator Components
• Head Mounted Display
• Simulated Firearm
• 3D Image Generator
• Scene Editor
• After Action Review
• Tactical Editor

Forest Fire Fighting Training Simulator

Forest Fire Fighting Training Simulator (FireFLY) has been created to train forest engineers, who undertake the most significant job in forest fire fighting, using simulation technologies. Simulator has been designed to improve organization and coordination capabilities of chiefs in charge of fighting forest fires. Forest engineers can assume the roles of Team Commander, Font Leader, Front Chief or Fire Chief during fight against forest fires. They strengthen their duties and responsibilities in these roles in real fires. Simulator is intended to improve their skills without waiting for actual forest fires to occur.

Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator

Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator Features

• Individual or collective training
• Canopy control
• See other trainees in virtual environment
• User-friendly interfaces
• Malfunction recognition and correction
• Altitude awareness
• Collision avoidance
• Modular platform
• Head mounted, high resolution display system
• Different types of parachutes
• Emergency situation definition during scenario creation
• Approach and landing techniques
• High resolution visual database

Air Traffic Control Simulator

It is a complete simulation system that meets basic and advanced levels of ATC training needs. All levels of Approach, En-route and Tower ATC training are supported. This simulation platform includes extensive architecture, allowing from one position up to twenty four positions and combinations of each position in scenarios that can be organized depending on the training needs.

FIVE (Forces in Virtual Environment)

FIVE is a tactical environmental simulation to support tactical training, training analysis and readiness for operations. It provides user environment that will be encountered in battlefield.

FIVE offers cost-effective training solution for the users that need tactical environment for their simulators or real platforms. FIVE supplies user needs for all kinds of threats that will be faced in real life. The trainee gets experienced with high fidelity interactive models that prevents negative training.

Mixed Reality Visual Simulation System

Quantum3D’s mixed reality visual simulation system eliminates the need for expensive multi-channel dome display systems while maintaining full 360 degree visuals for the trainee pilot. This can substantially reduce the physical footprint of the simulator, the initial purchase cost, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Stinger Simulator

Quantum3D Stringer Simulator is a virtual reality-based training simulator that supports a portable training system for both individual and team training. Training can be provided as gunner-only, team leader-only, or gunner-and-team-leader training.

The instructor operator station of the stringer simulator is designed to manage training conditions with the user-friendly GUI, a 2D map to observe the training area, and after-action review features.

eVTOL Flight Simulator

Quantum3D provides products and services for the eVTOL, AAM/UAM, air mobility, air taxi, and flying cars industry.

Quantum3D, with 26 years of experience, has an extensive background with its award-winning, powerful visual simulation software MANTIS and IDX Independence series in the simulation and training industry.

Firefighting Simulator

Quantum3D provides Mixed Reality Firefighting Simulator

Software Image Generation


Quantum3D’s MANTIS is a real-time scene management software application. It employs a powerful client / server software architecture that provides high-bandwidth, low-latency separation between simulation and graphics processing. Advanced rendering techniques create realism achievable only with high-end image generators.

MANTIS® Commander

Take the hassle out of developing a custom multichannel Image Generator (IG) with MANTIS Commander. Commander brings ease-of-use and maintenance capabilities as found in Quantum3D’s flagship Independence® IDX series, and makes them available in an economical software suite suitable for any size IG based on COTS components. With a convenient central user interface, Commander simplifies system management tasks such as configuration, start-up, and maintenance.

Sensor Simulation Solutions

Sensor Simulation is generated by a combination of both our QUEST®2 plug-in (for post-processing effects) and our viXsen® plug in (for physics-based material processing).  QUEST2, developed by Quantum3D, will extend Quantum3D’s Real-Time Scene Management Software, MANTIS®, to include shader-based, simulated sensor post processing.  ViXsen® as a plug-in to MANTIS®, simulates advanced passive sensors using real-time pixel-based computations.  Quantum3D’s MANTIS Sensor Bundle adds both the QUEST2 and ViXen plug ins as one bundle for the convenience of our customers.

Turnkey Image Generation Solutions

Independence® IDX 8000

A new standard for the most powerful and compact real-time image generation available in simulation, training and mission rehearsal applications.

Independence® IDX 80

Equipped with Quantum3D’s award-winning MANTIS® software, the Independence IDX 80 provides exceptional value and performance for small and medium complexity visual systems with up to 8 channels.

Independence® IDX 90

The Independence IDX 90 provides exceptional value and performance for small and medium complexity visual systems with up to 8 channels.

Independence® IDX 900

IDX 900 is ideal for many simulation applications, including: fixed-wing aviation (up to Level D), weapons and gunnery systems, hardware-in-the-loop sensor simulation, maritime and ship’s bridge, automotive research, development and driving simulators, ground vehicles, fixed base and forward air traffic control, mono & stereo scientific visualization and virtual reality.

Independence® IDX 9000

Able to meet or exceed the requirements of virtually any image generation application, the Independence IDX 9000 provides the best value in open architecture, advanced IG solutions available today.

Synthetic Environments

CatalystSE™ DBGS

CatalystSE DBGS is a custom configurable, PC based, open architecture, Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) database solution that enables customers to develop, modify and maintain wide-area, high resolution, geo-specific synthetic environments.

GeoScapeSE® WWDB

GeoScapeSE is a library of diverse common source materials that are used to create simulated environments for visual training purposes. GeoScapeSE has two main databases: GeoScapeSE WWDB (World Wide Database) and CONUS (Covering the Entire Conterminous United States) OTW (Out-the-Window).


Facets are real-time 3D models that provide the ultimate in flexibility and affordability. The Facets library contains over 900 unique models from 51 model categories. It enables any model, with any conceivable configuration and level of detail, to be instantly incorporated into a customer’s image generator.

Custom Visual Database

With a highly experienced synthetic environment team, Quantum3D is able to quickly customize all terrain databases to customers’ specifications, greatly enhancing the company’s image generation solutions.

New Technologies

Augmented Reality

Relate with your environment in a whole new way. Whether you are wearing Augmented Reality glasses or are using a tablet or mobile device, AR collects real-time data and then superimposes relevant data in the form of interactive 3D models and 2D information in the world around you.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aerial systems capable of performing various tasks independently or under the remote control of a human operator. UAVs have become indispensable elements of modern combat fields due to the increasing complexity and strategical importance of war systems with the developing technology.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) integrate modern technology into military units, by sensing the environment through remote management or by means of sensor systems, and performing basic tasks such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and ammunition transport without personnel within the scope of the requirements of digital battlefields. Unmanned ground combat vehicles, which are available in different sizes and configurations for different needs, have gained qualities that can fulfill many tasks.