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MANTIS® is Quantum3D’s Real-time Scene Management software. It employs a powerful client / server software architecture that facilitates multiple synchronized channels driven from a single host system. MANTIS is equipped with a suite of features that support communication functions, peripheral devices, displays, and multi-channel synchronization. The MANTIS architecture supports the full range of high-end IG features, including the new CDB native support, special effects, sensors, weather, and lighting, along with mission functions such as height-above-terrain and line-of-sight intersection testing. MANTIS’ features can be easily extended with plug-ins that offer additional capabilities. MANTIS is supported on Quantum3D’s high-end IDX Visual Simulation Hardware and on off-the-shelf PCs.

MANTIS is designed, developed and maintained by our Silicon Valley, USA engineering team.  Contact Quantum3D for additional information on supported PC platforms.


  • Special Effects

    Includes vapor trails, sparks, dust, smoke, explosions, noise, dead pixels, etc.

  • Flexible Host Interface

    Supports CIGI 2.0, 3.0, 3.2. and 4.0.

  • Environmental Support

    Weather effects, such as precipitation, fog, haze, dust, and the sun’s positioning, are easily configurable on MANTIS®.

  • Terrain Database Support

    Support for complete world wide database with seamless flight across entire earth.

  • Moving Model Support

    Supports full 6-DOF position and rate control; articulations, toggles, and animation scripts.

  • Mission Function Support

    MANTIS® allows clamping and conforming of models to the terrain, line-of-sight intersection testing.

  • Common Database (CDB) Format

    Native support for direct loading of terrain databases in Common Database (CDB) format. Use of CDB provides many advantages, including: interoperability between various components of a complete simulator, and across multiple simulators; reduced, development, update and configuration management times; enhanced reusability; and reduced obsolescence.

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MANTIS image generation software advantages

The MANTIS® Advantages

The key tool in the training and simulation market, MANTIS® is a module based image generation software platform producing high-fidelity 3D graphics at 60 frames-per-second (FPS), for use in a variety of simulation and training applications. MANTIS focuses on providing exceptionally realistic imagery delivered at fixed frame rates to maximize suspension of disbelief. Unique effects and specific features can be created by developers to meet the demands of almost any simulation and training need.

MANTIS’® architecture supports a full range of special effects, sensors, weather, and lighting, along with mission functions such as height-above-terrain and line-of-sight intersection testing. Quantum3D’s plug-ins extend MANTIS® to support additional visual effects, such as ocean effects, rotorwash and more.

MANTIS® is compatible with Windows or Linux for easy configuration and management, leveraging the industry standard CIGI protocol to interface with the host system.

MANTIS® offers advanced visual simulation solutions for multiple applications, including Fixed and Rotary-Wing Flight Simulation, Ground Vehicle Simulation, Tank Simulation, Maritime Simulation, Mission Rehearsal, Sensor Simulation and more.

MANTIS image generation software

The Quantum3D Advantage

Quantum3D is the leading provider of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) open-architecture real-time simulation computing solutions. Quantum3D combines the most advanced hardware and software systems for graphics simulation in a variety of markets and implementations including image generation and visual computing for avionics and vehicle applications, synthetic environments, graphic subsystems and other COTS solutions.

MANTIS Advanced Ocean Plug-In

Advanced Ocean Plug-In

Uses shaders to generate a high quality ocean, which includes sun / moon reflection, true 3D waves, shoreline effect, terrain and model reflections. Supports bow and stern wakes for moving vessels.
Supports spray effects for moving vessels. Renders inland water such as lakes and rivers using a shader to simulate ripples and reflections, including reflection of sun or moon. Works for both visual band and sensor simulations.

MANTIS Advanced Weather Plug-In

Advanced Weather Plug-In

Renders a three dimensional volumetric cloud layer. Provides accurate method for specifying arbitrary shaped regions of dense cloud, broken cloud and clear sky. Renders up to five volumetric storm clouds with associated rain squall and randomized lightning. Volumetric cloud LOS intersection queries facilitate accurate simulation of judder on penetration of clouds. Provides layered fog effect. Fog density is interpolated based on altitude. Accurate cloud shadows can be cast on terrain, ocean and moving models. Accurate and realistic in cloud effects. Clouds are illuminated by sun, moon, lightning, spotlights, city light glow. City light glow illuminates both cloud and terrain. Night time texturing of lights in urban areas.

MANTIS RunwayFX Plug-In

RunwayFX Plug-In

Facilitates simulation of effects such as wet, patchy wet, ice, patchy ice, snow, patchy snow, sand / dust, patchy sand / dust, blowing snow / sand / dust. Supports reflection of runway lights on wet regions of runway. Runway condition returned in HAT/HOT/LOS queries facilitates accurate simulation when hitting snow or water All parameters can be gradually changed at run-time to simulate changing conditions.

MANTIS Real-Time Foliage Plug-In

Real-Time Foliage Plug-In

Allows three dimensional high quality foliage to be added to terrain. Allows grass regions to be added to terrain. Uses SpeedTree™ trees. Simulates global wind – all trees are blown. Simulates localised wind such as helicopter rotorwash.

MANTIS Shadow Plug-In

Shadow Plug-In

Supports various algorithms for generating real-time shadows, including full-scene self-shadowing.

MANTIS ViXsen® Plug-In

ViXsen® Plug-In

Physics-based simulation of sensors. Supports NVG and short / medium / long range infrared sensors. Supports material coded databases. Supports changing diurnal cycle.

MANTIS Di-Guy™ Plug-In

Di-Guy™ Plug-In

Uses the Boston Dynamics Di-Guy tools to implement animated humans and animals.

MANTIS Rotorwash Plug-In

Rotorwash Plug-In

Implements a flexible particle effect to simulate rotorwash effects. Appearance of effect can be made to change automatically dependent upon type of terrain under helicopter, e.g., sand, water, concrete.


QUEST®2 Plug-In

Provides support for sensor post processing effects. QUEST®2 uses a software method for post processing. Supports gain, level, AGC, blur, random noise, fixed noise, scintillation, hot spot detection, hot spot contrast estimation, pan roll and zoom, etc.

MANTIS Laser Designator Effect Plug-In

Laser Designator Effect Plug-In

Simulates IR laser target designator viewed in NVG.

MANTIS StaticModels plugin

StaticModels Plug-In

Provides a mechanism to efficiently populate the terrain with a set of modelled features. E.g. this allows new tall constructions (such as buildings, wind-turbines, radio towers) to be added to the terrain without having to re-generate the complete terrain, allowing the terrain to be kept up to date with the real world.

Autonomous Traffic Plug-In

The Autonomous Traffic plug-in may be used to populate the scene with automatically generated road and water vehicles. The road topology is derived from OpenStreetMap. The vehicles use a simple AI to navigate and drive autonomously around the vicinity of the view location adding a sense of life to the scene.

Multi View Plug-In

Provides multiple viewports within single channel (e.g. rear-view mirror, insets).

OpenVR Plug-In

Allows MANTIS to be used to drive VR, AR and MR tethered HMD’s that support the OpenVR standard. This includes HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Metavision Meta 2 and Oculus Rift.

WildFire Plug-In:

This plugin provides support for aerial firefighting simulation and training. It enables visualization and progression of large scale wild fires including features such as animation of flames and smoke, burning and charring of ground, foam and retardant drops, including the resultant coloration of the terrain.

MANTIS Image Generation Software

MANTIS Commander

Take the hassle out of developing a custom multichannel Image Generator (IG) with MANTIS® Commander. Commander brings ease-of-use and maintenance capabilities as found in Quantum3D’s flagship Independence® IDX series, and makes them available in an economical software suite suitable for any size IG based on COTS components. With a convenient central user interface, Commander simplifies system management tasks such as configuration, start-up, and maintenance.

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Independence® IDX 8000

Independence IDX 8000 provides the best value in open architecture, advanced IG solutions available today. IDX 8000 is perfect for any simulation system: Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing Aviation, FAA Level-D Full-Flight Simulators, Weapons and Gunnery Systems, Hardware-in-the-loop Sensors, Automotive Research, Development and Driving Simulators, Military Ground Vehicles, Fixed Base and Forward Air Traffic Control, Ship’s Bridge, Mono & Stereo Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality.

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