Facets Models

Quantum3D’s Facets® real-time 3D models provide the ultimate in flexibility and affordability. Having been proven real-time ready through incorporation into the most demanding vis/sim applications, Facets models offer the highest levels of realism without sacrificing real-time performance. Each Quantum3D’s facets model is delivered with multiple levels of detail (LOD), realistic textures, damaged/destroyed states, articulated parts and animations (where applicable). No other model collection offers so much detail and option distributed as a single model.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Paint Schemes

    Several standard schemes are included, such as dark or light tan, jungle or desert camouflage, and olive green

  • Sensor Simulation

    Material classified maps (MCMs) provide added detail for users who have their own sensor simulation rendering software and image generators

  • Multiple Levels of Detail

    50 polygons, 250 polygons, 1200 polygons, 4000 polygons—Facets® delivers the level of detail required for each scene’s required realism

  • Formats

    Facets® models are delivered in industry-standard formats—MultiGen OpenFlight®, VTree, 3Dstudio Max, CTDB, Medallion-S, and COLLADA formats

  • Material Classified Textures

    Each visual RGB texture is assigned multiple layer material systems, providing relevant reflectance, emittance, and thermal data

  • Licenses and Customization

    Developers are free to create and distribute an unlimited number of graphics applications that incorporate Facets® models

Facets Models
Optimized for Quantum3D Independence systems

Facets Models
Ready to be optimized for any run-time system

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