Stinger Simulator

Quantum3D has developed a realistic stinger simulator to train users.

Quantum3D Stringer Simulator is a virtual reality-based training simulator that supports a portable training system for both individual and team training. Training can be provided as gunner-only, team leader-only, or gunner-and-team-leader training.

The instructor operator station of the stringer simulator is designed to manage training conditions with the user-friendly GUI, a 2D map to observe the training area, and after-action review features.


  • VR supported stinger training with high fidelity simulated hardware
  • Portable training system
  • Individual and team training
    • Gunner only, team leader only or gunner and team leader training
  • Networked training with two stinger team within same virtual environment
  • Instructor operator station to manage training conditions
    • User friendly GUI to manage training
    • 2D map to observe training area
    • After action review
  • Capability to create scenarios from IOS
    • Environment settings (rain, snow, clouds etc.)
    • Threat definitions
    • Number of friend and FOE’s
    • Rule base enemy actions including evasive maneuvers, flare activation
    • IFF enable/disable options
  • Execute training with predefined scenarios
  • Generic or specific training visual database
  • Malfunctions
    • Gun-sight
    • Symbology
    • Missile
  • Realistic missile simulation including missile trajectory, effects
  • Automated DORT (Daily Operational Readiness Test)
  • User and maintenance manuals