Custom Visual Database

Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) terrain databases often do not completely satisfy a customer’s most advanced database needs. Often times, additional custom imports are required. In order to fully meet customer’s requirements, a company needs to provide not only customizable database but also custom services. Quantum3D, in addition to providing COTS, high-fidelity and geo-specific databases, provides custom visual database services to its valued customers. With a very experienced terrain database team, Quantum3D is able to help customers customize all terrain databases to their specifications.

• Level D airport development
• Custom terrain development
• Library of 30,000 airfields worldwide
• Large existing 3D model library
• Custom 3D modeling

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Custom Visual Database conus

Custom Visual Databases Services

  • Build Geo-specific airfield models using DAFIF data
  • Incorporate sub-meter imagery with micro texture
  • Geo-typical and geo-specific 3D culture (Cities, towns, target areas such as SAM sites)
  • Use of COTS tools for database and 3D model building
  • Up to Level D geo-typical and geo-specific military and commercial airfield models
  • High resolution airfield and target area custom insets for our WWDB or standalone
  • Out-the-window, FLIR, NVG, and Radar correlated databases
  • Standalone urban warfare models or MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) sites
CatalystSE™ DBGS


Use of COTS tools combined with Quantum 3D tools reduces modeling and processing time

WWDB allows use of smaller inset areas to be built and loaded separately into the IG reducing terrain processing

Custom Visual Database helicopter image

Success Stories

TH57 custom airfields and terrain database

AV8B successfully built East and West coast databases utilizing NPSI source data for Out-the-window, sensor, NVG, and radar. Combined databases contain more than 50 specific airfields and more than 200 specific 3D culture models.