Video Gallery

Quantum3D – The Power of Prepared

An overview video of how Quantum3D can help your military, commercial or first responder teams be prepared through simulation training.

Quantum3D Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator

The Quantum3D Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator is a highly efficient parachute training device for novice as well as experienced paratroopers. The simulator allows airdrop exercises to be planned, practiced, reviewed and if required, repeated until the expected training-results are achieved.

Quantum3D MANTIS Helicopter Demo

This video demonstrates several Mantis capabilities.

The real-time foliage plugin for Mantis can now be used with vis-sim industry-standard CDB (Common Database) format terrains. Dynamic 3D trees and ground cover can be easily added to any CDB terrain, including existing terrains. The trees and ground cover move in the wind, including localized wind caused by helicopter rotor wash. The ground cover adapts to the color of the underlying terrain imagery so that it blends in naturally.

The Rotor Wash plugin now works with CDB terrains. The rotor wash appearance adapts automatically based on the type of terrain below. In this sequence you can see several different effects, varying from subtle appearance over the runway, total brown-out over dusty terrain, and white appearance over water.

The Advanced Weather plugin has been enhanced to allow two 3D cloud layers to be used simultaneously. This gives a much greater depth and realism to the clouds.

Reiser Air Ambulance Simulator

For the first time, air ambulance physicians have trained in the simulator with the rest of the crew. The goal is to make this a permanent arrangement to improve flight safety. The Meta 2 AR goggles are driven by Quantum3D’s MANTIS software using the MANTIS OpenVR Plugin.

Quantum3D Cologne Demo

This demo showcases the Cologne region of a terrain developed by Quantum3D for Reiser Simulation and Training’s H145.

US Air Force Demonstrates Lockheed Martin F-35 Simulator

The US Air Force Demonstrates the Lockheed Martin F-35 Simulator using Quantum3D’s IDX Image Generator and MANTIS Software.

Quantum3D FireFly Simulator Demo

The Forest Fire Fighting Training Simulator has been designed to improve organization and coordination capabilities in fighting forest fires.

Quantum3D Real-time Simulation – Utah

Demonstration of Quantum3D’s real time helicopter simulator capabilities using Quantum3D’s MANTIS image generator visual simulation software.

Quantum3D MANTIS Driving Simulator demo

Demonstration of Quantum3D’s driving simulator capabilities using Quantum3D’s MANTIS image generator visual simulation software.

Quantum3D MANTIS Dynamic Vegetation Demo

A quick look at the capability of Quantum3D’s MANTIS software to easily add dynamic vegetation, including both trees and grass/scrub, to CDB (Common Database) format terrains.
The clip demonstrates the way the 3D vegetation reacts to a helicopter as it lands. This helps give the pilot important visual cues on ground proximity which enhances training.
MANTIS can also add dust and brownout effects from the rotor wash, but these are not shown here in order to showcase the vegetation.