GeoScapeSE® WWDB

GeoSpecific Worldwide Database

The world has arrived. A (COTS) commercial-off-the-shelf derived database, GeoScapeSE® WWDB offers the industry’s first seamless worldwide coverage with continuous global flight utilizing drop in high-resolution insets.


  • Geo-Specific Imagery

    While other platforms may deliver “geo-typical” imagery which approximates reality, Quantum3D’s GeoScapeSE WWDB delivers accurate “geo-specific” imagery at 15M or 10M.

  • Environment Flexibility

    Quantum3D’s GeoScapeSE WWDB can be used in a myriad of ways - for out-the-window viewing (OTW) and simulated night vision goggles (NVG), infrared (IR), electro-optical (EO) and radar real-time sensors. The database is optimized for fixed-wing and rotary-wing flight applications.

  • Optimized for Quantum3D IGs

    GeoScapeSE is optimized for use with MANTIS® and for use on Quantum3D’s image generators, such as the Independence® IDX 90 and Independence® IDX 9000.

  • High Resolution Insets

    Choose from Quantum3D’s growing library of airfields and other high resolution areas of interest, or create a new inset based on custom requirements.

Quantum3D has extensive experience delivering geo-specific databases for the United States and various regions of the world. Increasingly, real-time training systems require continuous visual domain flight throughout multiple regions of the world. Quantum3D has taken its database expertise and applied it to a worldwide database solution. With the exception of North and South Polar Cap areas, GeoScapeSE WWDB delivers a complete representation of the entire world.

Additional Details

For additional details, Quantum3D’s WWDB supports insetting of high resolution images for added local details, such as airfields and target ranges into the background terrain. As the first COTS worldwide, geo-specific database on the market, GeoScapeSE WWDB is optimized for use on Quantum3D’s Independence series of image generators.

Geo-Specific Imagery

With geo-specific imagery, vs other companies’ geo-typical imagery, users receive the best quality global imagery available with color matching and balancing between adjacent data sets for consistent imagery worldwide. The resulting imagery delivers unparalleled global realism to meet the demands of all your training and simulation needs.

GeoScapeSE® WWDB Areas of Interest (AOIs)

Southeast Asia/Western Pacific
Southwest Asia
Eastern Canada
Northern Africa
South America
Northeast Asia
Middle East (Afghanistan)
South Pacific
Western Canada/Alaska
Southern Africa
Northwest Asia