Independence® IDX 90

Tremendous value. Tiny footprint. Total performance.

“The new IG from Quantum3D with GeoScape® WWDB, the industry’s first seamless worldwide coverage utilizing drop in high-resolution insets, the SoCal sample database and from our growing library of airfields, the San Francisco International Level D airport.”

Equipped with Quantum3D’s award-winning MANTIS® software, the Independence IDX 90 provides exceptional value and performance for small and medium complexity visual systems with up to 8 channels. IDX 90 is ideal for many simulation applications, including: fixed-wing aviation (up to Level D), weapons and gunnery systems, hardware-in-the-loop sensor simulation, maritime and ship’s bridge, automotive research, development and driving simulators, ground vehicles, fixed base and forward air traffic control, mono &
stereo scientific visualization and virtual reality.
As the entry-level model in the Independence IG series, the IDX 90 shares many of the architectural features of the flagship IDX 9000 model but is design-optimized for applications which require 4 or less total GPUs. It can drive up to 4 full-performance display channels, or up to 8 displays when running its GPUs in a dual-output mode.
Like the IDX 9000, the smaller IDX 90 offers a choice of the most powerful Ampere series GPUs, combined with a reliable enterprise-grade Intel Xeon-based server platform. IDX 90 also offers the same robust hardware video channel synchronization technology as our larger systems. But unlike competitive IGs which require a four-foot or taller rack and 3 or 4 separate PCs just to drive a 3-channel display, the IDX 90 comes neatly packaged in a compact 4U-high case containing the entire IG system. IDX 90 can either be mounted in a standard 19” rack with plenty of room left for other customer equipment, or can simply stand alone in a PC deskside configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Long Term Support

    3 year warranty or 10 year service support under Quantum3D’s obsolescence guarantee program.

  • Density

    The IDX 90 achieves unmatched levels of visual computing density by combining a server-class motherboard, latest Intel processors, NVIDIA Ampere series GPUs, and Quadro Sync Precision Video Synchronization into a compact 1U Rendering Unit (IGU).

  • Open Architecture

    The IDX 90 supports industry-standard CIGI 2.0, 3.x and4.0 messaging protocol over dedicated Gigabit Ethernet, and industry-standard database formats including OpenFlight, NPSI, CDB, and CTDB.

  • World Wide Database

    The IDX 90 supports Quantum3D’s World Wide Database (WWDB) - a continuous flight, worldwide terrain, modeled with 15m geo-specific imagery. Drop-in Hi-Res insets are customer-enabled using CatalystSE DBGS tools.

  • High Resolution Channels

    Super High-resolution, multiple-input, projectors (e.g. 4K x 2K) are supported with no additional effort.

  • Sensor Enabled

    The IDX 90 supports QUEST®2 and viXsen for correlated, physics-based NVG, IR, Day Camera EO Simulation applications and Stimulated NVG applications.


IDX 90 is ideal for many simulation applications, including: Fixed-Wing Aviation (up to Level D), Weapons and Gunnery Systems, Hardware-in-the-loop Sensor Simulation, Maritime and Ship’s Bridge, Automotive Research, Development and Driving Simulators, Ground Vehicles, Fixed Base and Forward Air Traffic Control, Mono & Stereo Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality.


MANTIS Image Generator SoftwareSynchronized and correlated multichannel support
CIGI 2.0, 3.x and 4.0 Host Interface
FAA Level D capable
Optional Plugins for:
• Advanced Weather & Marine Effects
• Runway effects & global airports
• Support for both proprietary and CDB terrain databases
• Sensor support for SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, NVG simulation/stimulation and TV channels
World-Wide Database (WWDB)15M background imagery, Level 1 DTED elevation
Supports drop-in high-res areas of interest (AOIs)
OSMicrosoft Windows 10 LTSC
ChassisDesktop Tower or 4U Rack-mountable
7.0" W x 18.2" H x 26.5" D (170x462x673 mm)
CPUDual Intel Xeon Scalable 8 Core (Total 16 Cores)
GraphicsUp to 4 NVIDIA Quadro RTX A4000, A5000, A6000 GPUs
Storage2x 500 GB Enterprise 2.5” SATA SSDs in RAID 1 (OS)
2 x 8TB Enterprise 3.5” SATA HDDs in RAID 1 (Data)
 Larger data storage can be configured by request
Optional Blu-ray optical R/W drive
Power120/240V Input single-phase, up to 20A (120V)/
10A (240V)
2000W Output, dual redundant power supplies
I/O2x 10GBe LAN (Host interface + general use)
4x USB 3.0 + 2x USB 2.0
7.1 HD Audio
DisplayPort each GPU
CertificationsUL, CSA, CE