Artillery Forward Observer Training Simulator (AFOS)

The Artillery Forward Observer Simulator (AFOS) is a computer based trainer for Forward Observers and Fire Direction Center Personnel. The AFOS trains the Observer on targeting, fire requests and management of firings across a range of training scenarios. The AFOS can simulate varied training environments, including a variety of static and moving targets, custom terrain and land views and realistic weather effects. The AFOS uses accurate ballistic physics models and integrates realistic visual cues and sound effects to create a realistic training environment. Upon completion of a training exercise, the built-in After Action Review system will allow trainees to review and evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

The AFOS is designed for portability and transportability to be deployed worldwide, or can be setup in a classroom facility. The AFOS can be customized to meet your Forward Observer training needs.

AFOS is designed and developed for

  • Achieving a superior level of observer firing training including target detection, fire request, and fire organization. Training management includes creating scenarios with static and moving targets on a variety of terrain views.
  • Training of observers to become faster and more precise while developing observer skills by working with firing control center personnel.
  • Creating real battle conditions with realistic visual and sound effects.
  • Using howitzer weapons of all sizes and various ammunition and fuse combinations to observe impact on static and moving targets.
  • Saving ammunition and time.