Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator

Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator Features

• Individual or collective training
• Canopy control
• Multiple trainees in virtual environment
• User-friendly interfaces
• Malfunction recognition and correction
• Altitude awareness
• Collision avoidance
• Modular platform
• Head mounted, high resolution display system
• Different types of parachutes
• Emergency situation definition during scenario creation
• Approach and landing techniques
• High resolution visual database


parachute simulator Instructor Operator Station

Instructor Operator Station

IOS Console used for;
• Scenario management
• Manage running training (view, change situations,
inject malfunction, etc.)
• After action review

IOS consists of;
• IOS Console hardware (console, computer, monitors,
keyboard, mouse, joystick, headset, speaker, etc.)
• IOS Console software
• Sound and communication system

IOS contains multiple monitors. These monitors shows;
• IOS Console software
• 3D view of a trainee outer world
• Scenario progress screen

Virtual Reality Display System

Virtual Reality Display System

The display system of parachute simulator is a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD).
The HMD works with integrated sensors to change the field of view for multiple parachute jumpers simultaneously.

Environmental Sounds and Communication System

Environmental Sounds and Communication System

Environmental Sound System

The environmental sound system is used to enhance the reality of simulation using levels, frequency and sound direction.

Internal Communication
An internal communication subsystem is used for trainee-instructor and trainee-trainee communication. All the participants in the training environment can communicate with each other.

Image Generator (IG)

Image Generator (IG)

  • Weather conditions (sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, foggy, etc.)
  • Time-of-day.
  • COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) hardware.
  • The system is designed for future modifications.
Debriefing System

Debriefing System

Debriefing System allows saving, replaying and examining the current jump or previously saved jumps.

Main functionalities of debriefing system:
• Controlled from IOS
• All communication is recorded
• Record settings (start-end time, automatic start, continuous recording)
• Record information (record duration, size)
• Transfer to storage unit
• Instructor comments/notes
• Generate reports for analysis purpose
• Replay of records
• Display time information in replay
• Access to trainee forms for evaluation
• Speed of replay (1X, 2X, 4X)
• Fast forward, backward replay
• Display settings for replay

  • Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator Datasheet

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