Mixed Reality Visual Simulation System

Quantum3D’s mixed reality visual simulation system eliminates the need for expensive multi-channel dome display systems while maintaining full 360 degree visuals for the trainee pilot. This can substantially reduce the physical footprint of the simulator, the initial purchase cost, and ongoing maintenance costs.

With the hi-res camera passthrough capability of the Varjo XR-3 headset, MANTIS provides the capability to create mixed reality solutions whereby a masked region defines where the real world is visible. This is typically used to allow a real world cockpit mockup to be used interactively by the pilot.

Quantum3D’s new immersive technology can be integrated with all kinds of military and civilian aircrafts in the market.

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Mixed Reality Visual Simulation Bundle

  • Turnkey Image Generation (IG) System
  • Affordable (eliminating expensive display system)
  • Software optimized for MR for superior performance
  • 360 degree visuals with 90fps
  • High fidelity and high performance
  • VR capabilities allow to see virtual world
  • MR/AR capabilities allow to see real world (hands & cockpit)
  • Compatible with all aircraft

Mixed Reality Visual Simulation System consists of:

  • Independence IDX Image generation system with SLI compatible motherboard, 12 or 16 core Intel i9 CPU, and two SLI’d NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU’s
  • MANTIS Image Generation software
  • Professional grade Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset with one-year subscription (with option for lifetime subscription)
  • A Pair of HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0 for stable tracking