UAV Simulator

Fixed-Wing Simulators

The UAV Simulator is designed for operator and pilot, mission commanders, and image interpreters training across a range of mission profiles. It is designed to simulate a generic aerodynamic model integrated with sensors and camera simulations to provide mission specific or operational training. It can be customized for your UAV model and visually adapted to any terrain or environment worldwide. It can operate either in standalone mode, or networked with other training systems for team-based training. The system is designed for portability and transportability for deployment worldwide or setup in classroom environment.

Training Capabilities


  • Operator/Pilot training
  • Payload operator training
  • Mission training
  • Creates scenarios with static and moving targets on various terrain views
  • Integrates with other training systems, synthetic environments and simulators


Technical Features

  • Generic aerodynamics simulation, reconfigurable for other models of UAV in accordance with the manufacturer data
  • Autopilot simulation
  • IR sensors (FLIR)
  • Camera simulation
  • Stealth view
  • Customizable tactical synthetic environment and computer-generated forces representing maritime, ground and air assets
  • Interconnection with other simulators via DIS/HLA