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Based in Milpitas, CA, Quantum3D is a leading developer and manufacturer of real-time visual simulation systems. Founded in 1997, we set out to develop 3D graphics solutions that would change the landscape for applications requiring high-end imagery.
Today, with approximately 50 employees, the company has built upon its core competency of being graphics specialists. Quantum3D now delivers the hardware and software necessary to provide our customers with a number of complete solutions: and real-time visual simulation for fast-jet, helicopter, refueling, and ground vehicles; synthetic environment creation for out-the-window or sensor-based needs.
Our focus is on delivering Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) and open architecture solutions that enable us to deliver “Technology for Solutions” to our military and civilian customers. We combine mainstream PC-based technologies with our unique, value-added hardware, software, and integration services to deliver industry-specific visual computing solutions.
Quantum3D’s corporate customers are a virtual “who’s-who” in their industries: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Virgin Galactic, KAI, Raytheon, Adacel, TRW, Honda, Thales Training and Simulation, and J.F. Taylor, to name a few. Additionally, Quantum3D has been involved in a host of U.S. Military projects – including the Stryker Interim Armored Vehicle, Bradley A3 Test Bed, M1 Abrams Tank and the Apache project for the Israeli Air Force.

Are you interested in government programs?  Our sister company, Quantum3D Government Systems, is a provider of services and complete training solutions tailored specifically for government customers, both U.S. and worldwide. Quantum3D Government Systems draws from a wealth of past experience in delivering on programs to U.S. military organizations and operates with a broad network of teaming partners to combine best-in-class technologies to solve any system-level challenge.  More information is available on the Quantum3D Government Systems website –


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Global Partners

  • ARI Simulation

    ARI designs and develops high-specification complex simulation systems used in training, screening, feasibility analysis and process development.

  • Precision Flight Controls

    Established in 1990, Precision Flight Controls, Inc. is recognized as a global leader in providing flight training organizations with affordable, high-fidelity, flight simulation components and systems. PFC’s systems simulate dozens of general aviation and commercial aircraft as well as today’s most popular technically advanced aircraft.


    NVIDIA redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing.


    ZEISS VELVET projectors offer a projection quality that is visibly superior to that of commercial projectors. Simulation applications with ZEISS VELVET projectors meet the user´s expectations of a modern realistic impression of a virtual reality.

  • Korea Soft Space Inc.

    Korea Soft Space Inc., our partner in South Korea, is a world leading 3D manufacturing and visualization specialist. Their development areas include, training simulators, modeling simulation, animation and industry application and their products are used by customers like the ROK Navy, ROK Air Force, Army Aviation School and the Agency for Defense Development.

  • RealViz

    Based in Japan, RealViz is a leading distributor and systems integrator for a wide variety of simulation and training technologies such as real-time visual simulation applications, including aircraft, driving, and maritime simulators and maintenance trainer system, as well as 3D content creation to support those applications.

  • JRM Technologies

    JRM Technologies specializes in advanced sensor phenomenology modeling and simulation. Their products and services are used by various government and industry customers throughout the Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, and other agencies. JRM's SigSim technology is available as part of Quantum3D's viXsen sensor simulation option for Mantis and Independence-series Image Generators.

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