MANTIS 4.1.0 New Features

  • Added 100% compliance for all Symbol Surface and Symbol packets defined in CIGI version 3.3 and 4.0 specifications. Support for these packets allow 2D overlays and reticles to be implemented in a way that it standardized by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO). Drawing primitives provided include lines, polygons, circles, arcs and high quality text using a wide range of TrueType fonts. User definable image textures can also be applied to polygons, circles and arcs.In addition to use as an overlay, this feature can also be used to render the symbols to a surface that is attached to an entity in the 3D scene itself. This has a number of uses, e.g.
    • Implementing dynamic airport gate Stand Guidance Systems, which is a requirement for many Level D commercial flight simulators.
    • Labelling scene entities (e.g. on an Instructor Operator Station (IOS)).
    • Rendering dynamic cockpit instrumentation into the scene as a 3D object.
  • Additional controls and improved quality for features designed to improve dynamic range, such as dithering and floating point rendering buffers. This allows optimum reduction of banding artifacts on both regular and HDR (High Dynamic Range) display devices.
  • Improved atmospheric processing:
    • to provide smoother lighting transitions at dusk and dawn
    • Improved appearance of sun
    • fading of sky to black and fade in of stars at high altitudes to facilitate simulations up to the edge of space
  • Added additional patterns to the TestPattern plugin to aid with FAA or similar certification. Test patterns are now provided for quick evaluation and verification of all FAA display device requirements.
  • Added support for the Anyblend distortion correction solution from VIOSO GmbH. This complements the existing support of Scalable Technologies EasyBlend and warp and blend solutions, providing even more choice for the user. The EasyBlend implementation has now also been updated to support the latest version of the tools and HDR display output.
  • AdvWeather plugin – added the ability to stretch, and rotate in yaw, each storm cloud. This allows for greater variation in appearance of the storm clouds, as well as simulating phenomena such as cold fronts.
  • Further improvements in support of CDB terrains, including performance improvements to speed up the paging of the terrain.
  • Support of up to eight GPU’s in a single PC is now provided, allowing up to eight full performance Mantis channels to be provided in a single 4U PC.
  • Several ease of use improvements:
    • Each FileOpen/SaveAs dialog now remembers the last folder that was accessed by that instance of the dialog.
    • Mantis will now automatically self-configure its networking IP and port addresses using the localhost loopback for single PC IG’s.  User setup of network configuration is now only required for Multi-PC IG’s.
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