MANTIS 3.5.1 New Features

  • Enhancement to load management – new capability to dynamically adjust the anti-alias level according to load on the channel. This allows higher levels of antialiasing to be used than would otherwise be possible.
  • Support for picture-in-picture (PIP) sensor channels with different sensor settings on the inset window, e.g. background is LWIR and inset is NVG.
  • Enhancements to CDB terrain support:
    • support for Quantum3D’s RunwayFX plugin on CDB terrains to provide capability for requirements such as wet runway reflections, blowing snow, etc.
    • Added support for HAT/HOT/LOS testing against T2D geometry as is typically used for runways, taxiways etc.
  • Global Airport plugin updated to improve the elevation correlation of runway ends for the runtime generated airports when compared to real life airports.
  • Advanced Weather plugin added support for multiple cloud layers as well as ease of use and enhanced quality improvements.


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