MANTIS 3.5.0 New Features

  • Improvements in CDB terrain format support:
    • added support for inland water and shoreline, both of which can be delineated down to the texel level for smooth, realistic transitions.
    • Improved support for powerline networks
    • Improved support for mission function queries such as Line Of Site (LOS)
  • New OpenVR plugin to allow use of Mantis in AR/VR headsets such as HTC Vive
  • New WildFire plugin for implementation of aerial firefighting simulation and training. This supports visualization and progression of large scale wild fire, including the following features:
    • Visualization of flames, smoke, burning and charring of ground.
    • Visualization of foam and retardant drops, including the resultant coloration of the terrain.
    • Burn model to realistically simulate the spread of the fire over time based on terrain topology, environmental conditions, and terrain fuel types, including the suppression effects of foam and retardant drops.
    • Record and replay features to support after action review and debrief.
  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Improvements in implementation of detail textures.
  • Support for projectors that operate at 120Hz using two interleaved 60Hz inputs – including those that support pixel shift or similar technology.
  • Bug fixes
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