MANTIS 3.4.2 New Features

  • Support for the latest CIGI 4.0 SISO standard for the communication of simulation data between the Host and IG.
  • Optimizations incorporated into the graphics pipeline which make use of recent OpenGL API improvements. This provides up to to 30% improvement in performance compared to previous versions of Mantis.
  • New data types supported in the CDB (Common Database) terrain reader:
    • T2D features now supported. These provide the capability to efficiently model conformal surface features such as roads, runways, taxiways, etc.
    • Raster Material textures may now be used to delineate coastline and inland water regions. This allows for much more complex outline of these features, now being at the texel level rather than polygonal level.
  • Linux support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
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