Quantum3D Independence IDX 80

MANTIS 3.4.0 New Features

  • NEW – Native support for direct loading of terrain databases in Common Database (CDB) format
  • Free Use mode: Allows use of MANTIS without a paid license for ease of evaluation, integration, testing, content development, and other non-production tasks. Also included is the ability to evaluate many of the customizable plug-ins MANTIS has to offer, including but not limited to:
    • RunwayFX: Provides realistic runway contaminants including customizable Level D compliant wet, snow cover, and other obscurant effects
    • Rotorwash: Surface-conforming particle based effect for blowing dust or snow
    • Advanced Weather: Weather effects including 3D volumetric clouds with shadows and storm clouds with lightning
    • Global Airports: Dynamically created geometry and lighting for over 27,000 airports worldwide
  • Integrated native support for® Projection tools Screen Calibration Products
  • Increased number of spot lights and omni-directional lights
  • Improved performance and capability of DI-Guy animated character option
  • Improved appearance of light points to support Level-D airport rendering
  • New CustomSymbology plug-in features: ability for user dll to capture mouse and keyboard events; ability for user dll to send data back to the Host
  • AdvWeather plug-in GUI now supports setting of storm parameters
  • Airport lighting can be set to automatically turn off during day scenes
  • AdvWeather plug-in GUI has been reorganized to have sub-tabs. The feature now allows setting of storm parameters from the GUI
  • Improved usefulness of scene load management by adding a slider  to allow the frame margin for load management to be adjusted
  • AdvWeathervolumetric clouds can now auto-adjust down the “Horiz/Vert fidelity” settings based on scene load when load management is enabled
  • StaticModels plug-in provides a mechanism to efficiently populate the terrain with a set of modelled features. E.g. this allows new tall constructions (such as buildings, wind-turbines, radio towers) to be added to the terrain without having to re-generate the complete terrain, allowing the terrain to be kept up to date with the real world.
  • Autonomous Traffic plug-in may be used to populate the scene with automatically generated road and water vehicles. The road topology is derived from OpenStreetMap. The vehicles use a simple AI to navigate and drive autonomously around the vicinity of the view location adding a sense of life to the scene.

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