As a plug-in to MANTIS®, viXsen simulates advanced passive sensors using real-time pixel-based computations. Pixel-based computations allow for accurate temperature, lighting and scattering computations in the simulation and allow for accurate modeling of a true sensor display. ViXsen has a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), with easy to understand input parameters. ViXsen supports all input formats supported by MANTIS.

Key Features

  • Physics-based
  • Fully correlated with the MANTIS “out-the-window” view
  • Can easily vary sensor and environmental parameters during run-time
  • Real-time 3D atmospheric model using MODTRAN
  • Per-texel lighting using shaders on NVIDIA GeForce3 GPUs and above
  • Calculates scene in-band response values on a per-pixel basis
  • Uses material mixture maps with up to 3 materials per texel
  • Advanced thermal calculations using 1D heat transfer algorithm
  • Single material texture can support EO, IR and NVG with no need to change the Scene Definition File
  • Advanced support for the following NVG enhancements
  • Horizon glow tied to moon elevation and phase
  • City glow displayed on the horizon caused by distant urban areas
  • Light point halo model that considers atmospherics and light power level
  • Moon display model
  • Support for special effects such as flame, explosion, air explosion, tracer, flash, rotor wash, and missile trail effects
  • MANTIS OTW correlated star field support
  • Detail texture support for terrains and models
  • Cloud layer simulation correlated to OTW view