viXsen is  a plugin for MANTIS® that simulates sensors such as FLIR and NVG using real-time per pixel-based computations. Per pixel-based computations allow for more accurate temperature, lighting and atmospheric scattering computations  which results in realistic simulation of the real world sensor display. viXsen is highly configurable by the user, allowing a wide range of sensor types to be emulated.

Key Features:

  • Physics-based processing of material system in-band response values on a per-pixel basis
  • Fully correlated with the MANTIS “out-the-window” view
  • Can easily vary sensor and environmental parameters during run-time
  • Real-time 3D atmospheric model using MODTRAN
  • Per-pixel lighting
  • Advanced thermal calculations using 1D heat transfer algorithm with multiple material layers, e.g. paint over asphalt over earth.
  • Advanced support for the following NVG enhancements:
    • Horizon glow tied to moon elevation and phase
    • City glow displayed on the horizon caused by distant urban areas
    • Light point halo model that considers atmospherics and light power level
    • Moon display model
    • Star field generated using catalog of 9000 real stars
  • Support for special effects such as flame, explosion, air explosion, tracer, flash, rotor wash, and missile trail effects
  • Detail texture support for terrains and models
  • Cloud simulation correlated to OTW view