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Reiser Simulation and Training Selects Quantum3D’s Visual Simulation Platform for Norwegian Civil First-responder Helicopter Training

Quantum3D’s MANTIS-based Image Generator with Ultra-High Fidelity Synthetic Environment Enables Level-D Training for Norway’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Pilots

Milpitas, Cal.  – May 9, 2017 – Quantum3D, Inc., a leading provider of training and simulation solutions for government and commercial applications, today announced that it has been selected by Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH, a manufacturer of groundbreaking training technology, to provide image generator systems and synthetic visual databases for a Norwegian application of Reiser’s next-generation civil Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) for 4t class helicopters. The simulator will be operated by the Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH), and will be used for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Training for Norwegian Air Ambulance (NLA) pilots in both civil urban environments and in rugged rural scenarios throughout Norway.

“Dangerous missions are the norm for even the most experienced HEMS pilots, and our goal is to provide the most realistic training experience which will maximize their safety and professionalism,” said Frank Thieser, Chief Sales and Strategy Officer, Reiser Simulation and Training. “Already a proven key component of our advanced helicopter training platform, Quantum3D’s IDX 8000 and MANTIS technology give us the most realistic, robust, and highest-performing capability for our customers.”

The simulator will set a new standard in image fidelity and scene realism for training devices of this type.  The Quantum3D-developed synthetic visual database will leverage new ultra-high fidelity imagery, LiDAR, and terrain data with down to 15 cm resolution, in cooperation with NLA. This will provide extremely realistic cues in critical near-ground helicopter search and rescue scenarios. The FFS including its visual system will be qualified to CS-FSTD(H) Level D, and will support training for Airbus type H135 and H145 helicopters.

Quantum3D’s IDX 8000 image generator offers both out-the-window and night-vision capability to drive the 18 visual channels in the Norwegian simulator, and is built on the latest in visual computing technology, including NVIDIA’s latest Quadro P-series GPUs for the best performance, maximum reliability, and the highest levels of scene quality and realism available today. The IDX 8000 includes MANTIS® – Quantum3D’s award-winning software for real-time visual simulation.  Based on modern GPU shader programming and with its vast array of plug-ins for special effects, MANTIS is well suited to exploit the new levels of hardware power within the IDX 8000. And when packaged with Quantum3D’s GeoScapeSE® World-Wide Database, IDX 8000 provides an out-of-the-box solution that’s ready to fly to thousands of airports, cities, and other destinations around the globe.

“Norway’s HEMS pilots will benefit from the power and capability of the training platform provided by Reiser, and it will enhance their safety in the demanding role they perform,” said Brian Overy, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, Quantum3D. “We are excited to be part of this project, and gratified that Reiser continues to choose IDX 8000 and MANTIS technology along with our visual database services for this challenging application.”

About Quantum3D

Quantum3D, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of simulation and training products as well as the technology that drives them. Quantum3D delivers key components for use in a wide range of training markets — flight simulation; land and other vehicle training; synthetic environments and construction tools; sensor simulation; maintenance training, and a variety of augmented-reality applications.

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About Reiser

Founded in 1988, the family-owned company Reiser Simulation and Training is a high-tech manufacturer of flight simulators, maintenance training devices, simulator components and avionic test equipment for military and commercial customers. Currently, the company employs approximately 200 aviation experts.

Reiser’s reputation has been built on understanding their client’s needs, applying extraordinary quality standards and manufacturing the most reliable products of its class with lowest operational cost for its customers.

Reiser is headquartered in Berg, Germany.  For more information, please visit


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