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Quantum3D is Expanding its 3D Model Collection Library

Milpitas, CA – March 05, 2021 –Quantum3D’s collection of real-time 3D facet models contains over 1,000 digital models including aircraft, ground vehicles, ships, buildings, and other elements commonly used in creating virtual worlds for simulation-based training. These models are available in both a binary format optimized for use with Quantum3D’s MANTIS® Image Generation Software, as well as in an OpenFlight source format making them useable for customization and/or for use with any commercial visual system.

Our 3D model collection library is expanding on a regular basis thanks to our experienced database, terrain, and 3D Model developers of Quantum3D.

Quantum3D’s Facets® real-time 3D models provide the ultimate flexibility and affordability. Having been proven to be real-time ready through incorporation into the most demanding vis/sim applications, Facets models offer the highest levels of realism without sacrificing real-time performance. Each of Quantum3D’s facets model is delivered with multiple levels of detail (LOD), realistic textures, damaged/destroyed states, articulated parts, and animations (where applicable). No other model collection offers so many details and options distributed as a single model.

Multiple Paint Schemes

Facets models are delivered with multiple paint schemes to accommodate different simulated environments. For ground vehicles, this might include: Dark Tan, Light Tan, Jungle Camouflage, Desert Camouflage, and Olive Drab (OD) Green. Facets models can be tailored to meet any customer livery needs.

Sensor Simulation

All real-time models are available with material classified maps (MCMs) that provide added detail for users who have their own sensor simulation rendering software and image generators.

Multiple Levels of Detail

All models are delivered with multiple LODs depending upon model complexity. Using multiple LODs permits increases in the number of entities in the field of view without sacrificing the scene’s realism and performance. Each LOD uses approximately 50% less polygons than the preceding LOD.


Facets models are delivered in industry-standard formats, making them off-the-shelf ready. They are available in MultiGen OpenFlight®, VTree, 3Dstudio Max, CTDB, Medallion-S, and COLLADA formats.

Material Classified Textures

Each visual RGB texture is assigned multiple layer material systems, providing relevant reflectance, emittance, and thermal data.

Licenses and Customization

Though Facets models may not be redistributed on a standalone basis, developers are free to create an unlimited number of graphic applications that incorporate Facets models and to distribute those applications in unlimited numbers. Additionally, if customized Facets models are required, Quantum3D can deliver.

Custom Models

If you do not find the model you need in our extensive library of Facets models, we can build it for you. Quantum3D offers custom model development services. Using our library of source data as well as customer-provided information, we can create accurate and detailed geometry with hand painted texture maps.

About Quantum3D

Quantum3D, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of simulation and training products, as well as the technology that drives them. This Silicon Valley company serves a wide range of training markets, including flight simulation, land and other vehicle training, and maintenance training. For more information, contact us at or

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