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Quantum3D Announces Independence IDX-900 Image Generator

Space saving. Cost saving. The new Mid-Level IG from Quantum3D.applications. 

Milpitas, CA – November 24, 2020 – Quantum3D, Inc. is excited to announce the release of its new generation Independence IDX-900 Image Generator. Equipped with Quantum3D’s award-winning MANTIS® software, the Independence IDX-900 provides exceptional value and performance for small and medium complexity visual systems with up to 16 channels.

As the mid-level model in the Independence IG series, the IDX-900 shares many of the architectural features of the flagship IDX-9000 model but is design-optimized for applications which require 5-8 GPUs. It can drive up to 8 full-performance 4K 60Hz. display channels or upto 16 display channels when GPUs are in the dual-output mode.

Like the IDX-9000, the smaller IDX-900 offers a choice of the most powerful “Turing” series GPUs, combined with a reliable enterprise-grade Intel Xeon-based server platform. IDX-900 also offers the same robust hardware video channel synchronization technology as our larger systems. The IDX-900 comes neatly packaged in a dense 4U-high case containing the entire IG system.

IDX-900 can either be mounted in a standard 19” rack with plenty of room left for other customer equipment, or it can be populated into customers’ existing 19-inch rack with 4U space or can be purchased with a rack if needed.

IDX-900 is ideal for many simulation applications, including: fixed-wing aviation (up to Level D), weapons and gunnery systems, hardware-in-the-loop sensor simulation, maritime and ship’s bridge, automotive research, development and driving simulators, ground vehicles, fixed base and forward air traffic control, mono & stereo scientific visualization, and virtual reality.

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