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MANTIS Update- CIGI Symbol Packets support added to MANTIS

Milpitas, CA – April 6, 2021 –Quantum3D is pleased to announce that in its Mantis IG software it has completed implementation of 100% compliance for all symbol packets that were added to the CIGI specification in versions 3.3 and 4.0.

Support for these packets allow 2D overlays and reticles to be implemented in a way that it standardized by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO). Drawing primitives provided include lines, polygons, circles, arcs and high quality text using a wide range of TrueType fonts. User definable image textures can also be applied to polygons, circles and arcs.

In addition to use as an overlay, this feature can also be used to render the symbols to a surface that is attached to an entity in the 3D scene itself. This has a number of uses, e.g.

  • Implementing dynamic airport gate Stand Guidance Systems (, which is a requirement for many Level D commercial flight simulators.
  • Labelling scene entities (e.g. on an Instructor Operator Station (IOS)).
  • Rendering dynamic cockpit instrumentation into the scene as a 3D object.

This feature will be in the upcoming 4.1.0 release of Mantis, but is available for testing now in Beta release by contacting

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