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Congratulations to Reiser on Level D Certification

IDX 8000–Based Commercial H145 Helicopter Full-flight Simulator Achieves EASA Level D Certification

Milpitas, CA – January 11, 2018 – Quantum3D wishes to congratulate our customer, Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (“RST”) in Germany, as their latest H145 helicopter full-flight simulator has just been qualified to meet the EASA requirements for a Level D training device – the highest possible certification for synthetic flight training devices. This simulator will include Quantum3D’s Independence® IDX 8000 Image Generator, and will be used to train emergency medical air rescue pilots and crews in civil urban traffic environments and in offshore scenarios at the ADAC HEMS Academy in Bonn, Germany.

The system features a 240 x 80 degree field-of-view display illuminated by 15 dual-channel (daytime + stimulated NVG) ultra-high resolution projectors. This provides a fully immersive visual training environment, and allows crews to train with night-vision goggles either worn or off, as they would in a real operation.

After an extensive evaluation of the competition, RST selected a 15-channel IDX 8000 Series Image Generator to drive this impressive display. Quantum3D’s IDX 8000 is built on the latest in visual computing technology, including Intel Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA’s Quadro-series GPUs for the best performance, maximum reliability, and the highest levels of scene quality and realism available today. The IDX 8000 includes MANTIS – Quantum3D’s award-winning software for real-time visual simulation. Based on modern GPU shader programming and with its vast array of plug-ins for special effects, MANTIS is well suited to exploit the advanced levels of hardware power within the IDX 8000.

Reiser also selected Quantum3D to develop a high-resolution visual database of Germany, which sets a new standard for realism in demanding low-altitude dense urban helicopter training applications. The database covers the entire country of Germany, and includes numerous high-fidelity training areas. The database features several advanced features and capabilities, including:

• Automatically generated “geo-typical” culture and scenery for efficient synthesis of dense urban areas (100K+ potentially visible buildings/features in many areas)
• 30 cm resolution imagery in general for terrain in training areas
• Autonomous ground vehicle traffic for realistic low-altitude cues and behavior
• Automatic placement of geo-specific roads and buildings from OpenStreetMaps data

This new simulator represents the very best available today in terms of realism and fidelity, and Quantum3D is proud to have been a partner with RST on this groundbreaking project.
More information on the ADAC HEMS Academy can be found here:

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About Reiser

Founded in 1988, the family-owned company Reiser Simulation and Training is a high-tech manufacturer of flight simulators, maintenance training devices, simulator components and avionic test equipment for military and commercial customers. Currently, the company employs approximately 200 aviation experts. Reiser’s reputation has been built on understanding their client’s needs, applying extraordinary quality standards and manufacturing the most reliable products of its class with lowest operational cost for its customers. Reiser is headquartered in Berg, Germany. For more information, please visit