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Augmented Reality Maintenance App

Quantum3D Releases Augmented Reality Maintenance App for iPhone or iPad

Milpitas, CA – January 30, 2018 – To give a glimpse of what can be achieved with AR, Quantum3D has produced a Maintenance Training App, available for the iPhone and iPad. This demo puts you in the shoes of an aircraft mechanic being trained on the procedures for repairing a complex helicopter jet turbine engine. You’ll be able to position a virtual CAD model of the engine floating in front of you, and then receive step-by-step instructions on a critical repair operation.

Quantum3D Augmented Reality Maintenance app

Scenarios like this one, and more, are all made possible by what Quantum3D’s cooking up in the lab for the future of AR! Relate with your environment in a whole new way. Whether you are wearing Augmented Reality glasses or are using a tablet or mobile device, AR collects real-time data and then superimposes relevant data in the form of interactive 3D models and 2D information in the world around you. Use it for maintenance and training, education, entertainment and much more. AR is the next step to enhancing your customers’ experience.

At Quantum3D we see the ability to have AR technologies come together to enhance the human-computer interface. Where a person and a machine work together for mutual benefit. These limitless possibilities are now available with new AR technology being developed by Quantum3D. With AR, Quantum3D enables the richest possible mixed media training applications, combining virtual reality with live in-world action as well as remote expert telepresence.

The App is free, and can be found by going to the Quantum3D App in the Apple App Store here:
Quantum3D Apple App

About Quantum3D

Quantum3D, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of simulation and training products as well as the technology that drives them. Quantum3D delivers key components for use in a wide range of training markets — flight simulation; land and other vehicle training; synthetic environments and construction tools; sensor simulation; maintenance training, and a variety of augmented-reality applications.

Quantum3D is headquartered in Milpitas, California. Together with its sister company Quantum3D Government Systems, both are members of Quantum3D Group, a Delaware corporation which is in turn wholly owned by HAVELSAN, a major global software and systems provider based in Ankara, Turkey. For more information, visit


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