Return Merchandise Authorization

Return Merchandise Authorizations (called RMAs) are used as a method of tracking hardware or system level products being returned by a customer to Quantum3D for repair service. Before an RMA can be issued, you must file a problem report in our Online Support Database and fully describe the problems you are experiencing. To report a new problem for a system level product (such as Independence®), you must include the system serial number for the product which is typically found on the back of the unit. Only Quantum3D customer support can issue an RMA once we have determined that one is required. Each RMA includes a unique number which is issued online (when appropriate); this number must be used on the packing materials when returning a defective product to Quantum3D for repairs or replacement.
Note: Quantum3D now has an Extended Service Plan in place for Out of Warranty, End of Life (EOL), and Repairs beyond EOL. Quantum3D now offers availability on repairs for up to 10 years from date of original shipment. This plan applies to IDX6000 and IDX7000 systems only. Systems prior to IDX6000 are no longer supported or repaired.
Prior to EOL out of warranty IG repairs will be performed using part cost with labor quoted per repair. For out-of-warranty repairs, once we receive and review the defective unit, Quantum3D will issue you an estimate to repair the unit (or a not-to-exceed amount may be pre-authorized). If your company agrees to the repair, we require a purchase order authorizing us to repair the out-of-warranty unit. Please contact Quantum3D support if there are any questions on how to setup purchase orders for out-of-warranty products.

At EOL out of warranty repairs will be performed at a fixed rate. Please contact Quantum3D customer support for details of the service and fixed rate.

3 years after EOL out of warranty repairs will be performed at a higher fixed rate. Please contact Quantum3D customer support for details of this service and fixed rate.
Note: 3 years after EOL repairs will be done on a parts availability basis. There is no guarantee that product this old can still be repaired.

All returned products must be packaged appropriately and must include the RMA number clearly marked on the shipment label in the suggested format. When an RMA is issued, the complete mailing address for shipment will be supplied to you online as part of the RMA.

Attn: RMA #nnnnnn
Where the nnnnnn number is the Incident Number assigned by Quantum3D. Shipments received without an RMA number written on the shipping label or clearly on the outside of the box or shipping container will be delayed. If an RMA number has not been issued, the product may be simply returned to the sender COD.
Each RMA in the online database must include customer information such as name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address. We request that the customer include shipping information (tracking numbers, date of shipment, and so on) so we can monitor the RMA. Once we get the unit, we will update the RMA incident online so you know we have it, and when the unit has been returned.
The product must be properly packaged to avoid damage during shipping. An example of proper packaging would be the use of an antistatic bag around the system and the use of foam surrounding the entire product and the original shipping container if at all possible. No other items such as working cables, CDs, manuals, and other materials need to be returned with an RMA package.

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