Virtual Firearm Simulator

Virtual Firearm Simulator Components

• Head Mounted Display
• Simulated Firearm
• 3D Image Generator
• Scene Editor
• After Action Review
• Tactical Editor

Optional Modules

• Optical Motion Tracker System
• Threat Fire Clip (Feel an electric stun when shot)
• HMD integrated headset

Virtual Firearm Components

Head Mounted Display

• Bright OLED micro display technology
• Up to 110º field of view
• High resolution full-color SXGA
• 1280×1024 pixels per eye
• Integrated yaw/pitch/roll tracker
• Optional wireless module

Simulated Firearms

• Supports wide variety of small arms
• Seamless integration with any desired gun mockup
• Electro mechanical or gas based recoil
• Tetherless/tethered simulated recoil systems
• Full instrumentation (trigger, magazine, fire mode selector, etc.)

3D Image Generator

• Continuous time of day
• Realistic lighting
• Realtime shadows
• Character animations
• Mountable vehicles

Scene Editor

• Interior or exterior areas
• Supports different 3D file formats
• Up to 20×20 km gaming area
• Asset library included for easy planning

After Action Review

• Casualty report
• Ammunition usage report
• Hit/Miss report
• Replay, fast forward, backward
• Free cam over playing mission
• Custom events on timeline

Tactical Editor

• Complex path planning
• Formation and group behavior assignment
• Obstacles, hiding areas and do not enter zones definition