MANTIS Commander

Image Generator Software Platform

Take the hassle out of developing a custom multichannel Image Generator (IG) with MANTIS® Commander. Commander brings ease-of-use and maintenance capabilities as found in Quantum3D’s flagship Independence® IDX series, and makes them available in an economical software suite suitable for any size IG based on COTS components. With a convenient central user interface, Commander simplifies system management tasks such as configuration, start-up, and maintenance.

Key Features

  • System-level control and configuration of multi-channel MANTIS-based IGs
  • Supports a variety of COTS PC-based hardware platforms
  • Available for both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Supports multiple PC nodes, and multiple video channels per node
  • Automatic discovery and configuration of MANTIS server (channel) nodes
  • Supports NVIDIA Quadro Sync and G-Sync (synchronized video outputs for multi-channel systems) technology with status monitoring
  • Control of individual channel video formats (resolution, frame rate, etc.)
  • Control of 3D quality settings per channel (antialiasing, texture filtering, etc.)
  • Remote launch and control of all video channels
  • Large systems: supports 64 or more channels (subject to hardware limitations)
  • Diagnostic suite to perform readiness check and fault isolation in the event of faulty G-Sync hardware