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Quantum3D Technology used to train Virgin Galactic Spaceport Pilots


Milpitas, CA – July 10, 2020 – Quantum3D Inc. delivered its IDX80 image generator with state-of-the-art MANTIS simulation software to Virgin Galactic’s New Mexico Spaceport facility. Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport facility chose Quantum3D’s turnkey image generator to mirror the Quantum3D image generator that was deployed several years ago at their sister company The Spaceship Company in Mojave California.

With newer technology, Quantum3D supplied its standalone IDX80 with six channels utilizing NVIDIA’s P6000 GPU technology to drive 6 Barco F50 projectors for Virgin Galactic’s spaceship simulator.

Quantum3D, based on additional requirements from Virgin Galactic, deployed a separate standalone PC that is being used to simulate a chase plane view as seen from a VIP standpoint during flight.

With Quantum3D’s powerful IDX80 Image Generator, backed by a standard 3-year hardware warranty and 10 year supportability, and its award winning MANTIS simulation software, Virgin Galactic Spaceport can use Quantum3D technology to train pilots in a variety of simulations, from instrument/cockpit familiarization to a full range of special effects, sensors, weather, and lighting, along with mission-critical functions, such as height-above-terrain and line-of-sight intersection testing, and many more.

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